Parisfield Bracket

Sharon on

Champion Lorricbrook Red on Arrival

Champion Parisfield Red Until Dark, winning on National Specialty weekend.

Parisfield Come As You Are

Parisfield Tassel

Little Vanya, before he went to live with Bob & Sully in New York.

Parisfield brussels griffons

This is our Champion Parisfield Hark the Lark with his handler, Larry Cornelius.

Puppies in a basket -- Zaina x Rival. 

 Flannery won points shown by our friend from France, Yves-Emmanuel Vilanova.

Parisfield Brussels Griffons

Blair as a baby.

Fawnie resting. She's very athletic. 

Rival head study.

The Brussels Griffon is a captivating toy dog, intelligent, alert, sensitive, and full of self-importance. He has a round face with big eyes and an almost human expression. He is happy and full of confidence, convinced that he deserves to be the center of attention. He is devoted to his owner, but always willing to make new friends. We think they are the best breed in the world!

Here at our place in Florida, our Brussels Griffon babies grow up to be fun, healthy companions who can win in the show ring or spend their time entertaining their loving owners. 

Champion Vanyatta

Parisfield Nelle

Parisfield Coffee Toffee

Champion Ardenanda's Woman in the Moon -- our Nessie

Parisfield Nobbin, who grew to only 6 pounds.

Parisfield Home Fires Burning

Parisfield Call the Baroness -- Blair