Over and over again one is dazzled by the intelligence, courage and loyalty of these brave military heroes as they perform in life and death situations. And the humans are pretty impressive too.”    -Susan Richards, author of Chosen by a Horse and Chosen Forever

“I was genuinely surprised how much each one of these stories moved me and that of all creatures dogs remind us what is possible with absolute love and trust.”    -Dr. Marty Becker, Good Morning America and the author of The Healing Power of Pets.

Dogs have never been so widely used to protect human society as they are today. There are dogs on nearly every police force in the nation, working in immigration, customs, and fire departments—even for the IRS. Dogs are bomb sniffers, guardians, sentries, and arson detectors. They track live people and discover the dead. At border crossings and airports, they sniff for drugs, bombs, and contraband. They act as scouts, trackers, messengers, minefield clearers, booby trap detectors, tunnelers, water patrollers, lifeguards, and explosive seekers. The president of the United States goes nowhere until the Secret Service has had dogs probe the area he will visit. Dogs are tireless and faithful workers, and they don’t ask for much in return.

 Compassionate without being sentimental, Sakson’s Paws to Protect is straightforward, thorough, and well documented.

This book is written by a Brussels Griffon breeder and American Kennel Club judge who has owned the breed for more than 30 years. Each page resonates with specific information about the lively Brussels Griffon. Beginning with how to choose a healthy, well-adjusted puppy, the book takes the new owner through adapting to the new home, house training, leash breaking, all with information only a long time owner would know. 

The author, Sharon Sakson, lives in Florida with 9 Brussels Griffons and 5 Whippets. She is a journalist and writer of several top -selling books. 

Sex -- Obsession -- Fifth Avenue mansions -- jewels from Cartier and Tiffany's -- cheating husbands -- unfaithful wives -- wild parties with celebrities & a psychic Maltese -- and that's just the first chapters!

This is your kind of book!

Matthew Phillips stumbled into New York City as a 21 year-old college grad. He found a mentor in the wild, impetuous, and knowledgeable Mrs. Marylou Stern. The next few years were filled with parties, sex, excess, frivolity, live cows, kidnapped Jewish jewelers, and games that stretch the imagination.

In this memoir, Phillips shares his story of how Marylou, a former model, dancer, and actress, transformed him from an eager, fresh-faced college grad into a sidelines player in chic New York society. Over the course of three years, Marylou taught Matt about New York City, high society, the difference between class and low class, how to make a genuine egg cream, how to milk a cow, why wanton sex is good for your health, why listening is more important than talking, that Sara Lee Vanilla Layer Cakes solve most emotional problems, and that you must never put up with thieves.

Here is what I am proudest about with this book -- it is recommended to you by Temple Grandin, who is a goddess to me. Her books such as Animals in Translation have changed thousands of animals lives for the better. To have this woman respect my work is the greatest honor. 

With this book, I sought to document if -- and why -- animals change our lives for the better. So I sought out research from all over the world, and interwove it with wonderful stories from people about the effect their dog had on their health. 

"Seamlessly weaving scientific research with compelling narrative, Paws & Effect tells incredibly moving stories of beloved pets who have supported their people through periods of ill health and other crises—with miraculous results."

Everything but Snakes is a best-selling book by Sharon Sakson

“Books by Sharon Sakson"

In a world that reveres perfection and disdains anything less, most of us realize that nothing and no one can truly measure up. Yet, when it comes to choosing companion animals, most folks won t settle for less. These stories are about those animals who through birth or injury have been rendered less than perfect, and the humans who found love enough to welcome them into their hearts and homes. Almost Perfect allows you to share the immeasurable rewards those people have found. Learn what courage really is from Colbi, a blind Alaskan Husky, as he trades a hellish life in a puppy mill for the challenges of farm living. Be inspired by Ruby, the irrepressible Labrador-Doberman mix who adapts to a devastating muscle-eating disease by learning to truly roll with the punches. Follow Cagney, the paraplegic rat, who struggles along with his human mom through her Master s thesis. Be inspired by the joy and grace with which Tux, a handsome black-and-white cat, navigates a life of almost complete paralysis. Root for tiny, blind Idgie to beat the mean streets of Philadelphia and the death sentence of feline leukemia. Give yourself permission to believe once more in happy endings as you re inspired by these and more true, heartwarming stories of animals who have overcome physical handicaps to leave pawprints on the hearts of their human companions.

Widely respected by dog experts, Barron's Dog Bibles are breed-specific books that present veterinarian-approved advice and information on all aspects of canine care. First-time dog owners will learn what they should look for when choosing a puppy. They'll also find detailed descriptions of their chosen breed's traits, history, behavior characteristics, potential health problems, and recommended training methods, as well as information on how breed-specific traits can influence the relationship between dog and owner. This title focuses on Boxers, sturdy, energetic dogs who are quick to learn. Properly socialized boxers are good-natured and patient with children, but they also make loyal and formidable guard dogs. Books in this series have hidden spiral bindings and feature many attractive and informative color photos. The DVD enclosed with each book presents an informal dog training course that has proved especially enlightening to new owners.

The companionship and unconditional love a dog provides can be of especially great comfort. Bringing together conversations with more than two dozen notable men, including playwrights Edward Albee and Charles Busch, film director Jonathan Caouette and writers Victor J. Banis, Ron Nyswaner and Jay Quinn, this anecdotal anthology shows how dogs have given men love, confidence and support. Fiction author Plakcy and dog breeder Sakson relate their interviews through first-person narratives, stringing together stories ranging from comic to tragic to sappy. The familiar joys and trials of sharing life with a dog are all here, including stories of comfort and "extraordinary lessons in how to cope with loss." The sincerity and warmth that comes through in each of these stories is infectious, and the inter-species relationships they describe provide unique perspective on the interview subjects as human beings.

“Paws and Reflect is an eloquent, moving testament that this unconditional love has helped form a great emotional and spiritual connection between dogs and their humans that just simply makes our lives healthier and more complete.”—David Frei, co-host of The Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show, USA Network

“Anyone...who has a dog will appreciate these stories of love, trust, caring and commitment.”—The Bark magazine

Paws and Reflect explores and celebrates the special and powerful bond between man and dog through twenty-five stories of personal experiences in this well-crafted collection. Touching, powerful, and often humorous, this is a must-read for all dog lovers.

The book includes interviews with Edward Albee, Jonathan Caouette, Ron Nyswaner, Charles Busch, and contributions from Jay Quinn, Hal Campbell, and others.